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Fungal Infections

fungal infections treatment in Kochi

Measures to prevent fungal infections

  • Please be regular with the prescribed medicines – both oral tablets and creams. Do not skip doses or application even though the symptoms may reduce in a few days

  • Continue application of the cream for 2 weeks after the lesion completely clears

  • Bathe twice a day and dry the area completely with a good towel

  • Dry the area well after using the bathroom

  • Do not wash the area frequently / do not use salt water to clean the area

  • Dab sweat after working / cooking/ playing etc.

  • Wash all clothes regularly and dry outside in the sun. Wear fresh and clean clothes

  • Do not share towels/ clothes/ soaps

  • Do not use over the counter medications that claim to cure “ringworm” as these creams may have potent steroids

  • Groin infection

    • Use loose fitting boxer shorts to ensure good air circulation in the groin area

    • Use cotton undergarments

    • Use dusting powder to absorb sweat

  • Feet (in between toes) –

    • Use open footwear whenever possible.

    • Use 2-3 pairs of shoes and rotate them every other day.

    • Keep the shoes in the sun to completely dry the moisture trapped inside.

    • Dust the front part of your shoes with anti-fungal powder before use.

    • Use a toe separator at bedtime to ensure air circulation between the toes.

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