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Wart removal and wart treatment in Kochi

Warts are small verrucous growths on the skin caused by a virus called Human Papilloma virus.


Warts have a potential to spread to other areas as well as spread from one person to another. Hence, they have to be treated immediately.


The common sites warts can occur are the hands, soles and face.


The treatment options include-


1. Medical treatment

    It involves application of preparations containing salicylic acid, lactic acid, imiquamod,etc that will be prescribed by the        dermatologist based after assessing the patient.


2. Electrocautery

    This involves burning the warts after anaesthetising the area. 


3. Cryotherapy

    At Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic, we also have cryotherapy treatment, which involves freezing the warts and therby                destroying the virus particles. 


Warts have a tendency to recur. Hence, a regular follow up is essential.

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