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PRP for Acne Scars

PRP for acne scars at Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic Kochi

What is PRP treatment for acne scars?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP treatment is an advanced procedure that is being used world wide for effective treatment of acne scars and pits.

It involves using the platelets present in the patient's own blood to stimulate collagen that fills the gap in acne scars. 

Platelets are a rich source of growth factors like Epidermal Growth Factor, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Platelet derived growth factor, etc that stimulate collagen production and helps in improving the appearance of acne scars.

How is PRP treatment for acne scars done?

PRP treatment involves the following steps -

1. Drawing the patient's blood

2. Separating the platelets from red blood cells by centrifugation process

3. Taking platelet rich plasma component and injecting into the acne scars / dermarolling on the acne scars

At Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic, Kochi, our dermatologists use the best techniques for obtaining PRP for injecting into the acne scars so as to achieve the best results.

How many sessions of PRP is required?

In general, 4-6 sessions of the procedure is required. The gap between the sessions is 4-6 weeks.

Is PRP for acne scars painful?

At Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic, Kochi, our skin specialists use a local anaesthetic cream to numb the skin before performing PRP for acne scars procedure. Hence, the procedure is almost painless but may cause mild discomfort during injections.

Please call our clinic on 9656376939 for more information.

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