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Black spot removal in Kochi

Black spot/ Seborrhoeic keratosis

Bleck spot removal in Kochi Kerala

After removal by electocautery

Black spot removal in Kochi

Black spots/ DPN s

Black spot removal in Kochi

After removal by Electrocautery

Black Spot removal at Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic Kochi

A clear spot free face is every person's desire. Black spots on the face could be of different types -

1. DPN's (Dermatosis papulosa nigra - small black raised dots commonly seen on face, neck and also on trunk)

2. Skin tags - skin tags occur commonly on the neck; skin tag removal is simple and painless

2. Moles - could be from birth or late onset; mole removal depends on the size and type of mole

3. Age spots 

4. Seborrhoeic keratosis 

5. Warts 

These can be easily removed by a simple procedure called electrocautery.

AT Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic, Kochi, black spot removal and DPN removal is one of the most commonly done procedures.


What is Electrocautery?

Electrocautery is a dermato-surgical procedure employing electrically generated heat to treat various skin conditions like warts, skin tags, black spots (DPN’s) and other unwanted skin growths.

What are the uses of electrocautery?

It is used or the removal of-

- Warts

- Moles

- Black spots (DPN’ s)

- Skin tags

- Age spots

What are the side effects?

There are no major side effects. There will be transient redness after the procedure lasting for a few hours. A small scab may form which falls off in 5-10 days time leaving behind normal skin. There may be hyperpigmentation if adequate sun protection is not followed.

Is it painful?

No.The procedure is done either under topical anesthetic cream or local injectable anesthesia.

What precautions should I take after the procedure?

Apply a topical antibiotic cream and sunscreen as prescribed.

Avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight for 1 week post procedure.

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