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Are trichologists and dermatologists different?

Are trichologists and dermatologists different?

Are trichologists and dermatologists different? Or are they same?

As a dermatologist practicing in Kakkanad, Kochi,this is an often asked question to me.

Many patients are under the impression that a "trichologist" is a different specialist than a "Dermatologist".

However, please note that all dermatologists are qualified trichologists.

As a part of MD curriculum, a dermatologist studies disorders related to skin, hair and nails. Hence a dermatologist will be the best trichologist.

In India, there is no separate specialisation for studying hair disorders. There is no separate specialist called as a Trichologist.

In certain countries abroad, they have short term courses in Trichology which are done by nurses, aestheticians and cosmetologists. They are not qualified doctors but they study in detail about hair structure and few basic problems like dandruff and baldness. But they are not qualified to give prescription based medications, unlike a dermatologist.

In India, there are no such courses offered by certified boards. But a lot of quacks open clinics under the name of being a "Trichologist". Since medicines are freely available in pharmacies in India even without a prescription, a lot of these quacks are prescribing medicines too.

Public should always be aware of such clinics.

If you are looking for a trichologist, make sure you visit a dermatologist who has done his MD or Diploma in dermatology (MD or DDVL).

If you are looking for a trichologist in Kochi, please consult us for all your hair related queries.

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