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Habits that can damage your hair

Hair fall has become a very common problem these days. As a dermatologist and trichologist in Kochi, 30-40 percentage of my cases are related to hair fall or hair loss.

Here are 5 habits that I feel will be helpful in maintaining healthy and strong hair -

1. Rubbing shampoo into the hair

Apply a small amount of shampoo onto the scalp and gently massage the scalp. Let the shampoo flow down the length of the hair. Do not rub the shampoo into the hair strands.

2.Rubbing your hair with a towel

Never rub the hair strands with a towel in order to dry it. Wrap an absorbent towel if needed and let it dry naturally. If you need the hair to dry faster, you can use a hair dryer in cool mode and not hot mode.

3.Brushing your hair while wet

Always let your hair dry, at least partially before combing it. Combing wet hair can damage the hair and make it prone for breakage. Use a wide toothed comb to comb hair.

4.Blow drying, curling, smoothening and colouring!

However big the temptation may be, always limit these procedures to the bare minimum. Regular use of hair based devices like a blow dryer, curler, etc damages the disulphide bonds of the hair leading to frizziness and breakage. When you do use a device occasionally, always apply a heat protectant serum before the procedure , use the lowest setting of heat and limit the time of contact with the curling iron.

5.Pulling your hair backwards tightly

This can cause "tractional alopecia" where the hair line starts receding backwards because of traction on the hair. Change your partition everyday. If you are tying a ponytail, keep the hair band loose.

Hair fall treatment requires a systematic approach to diagnose the the cause of hair fall and treat appropriately. Yet, these pointers will go a long way in maintaining the results of hair loss treatment.

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