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Best treatment for dark underarms

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As a dermatologist in Kochi, I often see young adults especially girls complaining of dark underarms. This dark pigmentation in underarms causes significant embarrassment to them and they feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless clothes.

What are the causes of dark underarms?

  1. Genetics - It can be a part of constitutive skin colour.

  2. Allergies - If you have had allergies to products like deodorants or perfumes, the allergy would have left behind pigmentation.

  3. Trauma - Repeated trauma in the form of waxing and shaving of hairs can lead to skin inflammation and cause pigmentation.

  4. Obesity - If you are overweight, repeated friction in folds like underarms can lead to skin darkening,

  5. Acanthosis nigricans - This is a skin manifestation of a hormonal imbalance characterised by insulin resistance. It is a predictor of diabetes mellitus in the future. It can also be associated with Polycystic ovarian syndrome. (PCOS) What is the treatment of dark underarms?

The best treatment for dark underarms is to address the causative factors, lightening creams and mild chemical peels.

Avoiding triggers

  • Avoid allergens like perfumes

  • Avoid shaving and opting for laser hair reduction

  • Avoid friction by losing weight

  • Address underlying hormonal disorders like insulin resistance and PCOS

Lightening creams

Creams with mild lightening agents like niacinamide, alpha arbutin, mulberry extracts, vitamin C can be tried to get good results. Avoid retinol without a consultation of dermatologist as it can irritating to the skin and can worsen darkening, Avoid alpha and beta hydroxy acid containing serums as they can further irritate the skin.

Chemical peels

Glycolic acid based peels, when done repeatedly can help to achieve skin lightening.

are you embarrassed about dark underarms and looking for the best treatment for dark underarms in Kochi? Do consult us for a detailed assessment ad treatment.

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