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Common myths about Male Pattern Baldness

Updated: Jun 20

myths about male pattern baldness
Male Pattern Hair Loss

As a dermatologist and trichologist in Kochi, I see a lot of men and women alike having certain misconceptions or myths when it comes to hair loss treatment. The prevalence of male pattern hair loss or what is commonly called as baldness is about 58% in the age group of 30-50 years. Patterned hair loss can affect both men and women. Hair loss treatment or baldness treatment is one of the most commonly sought after treatments in Kochi as people are now aware that there is effective treatment for hair loss.

There are several myths about male pattern baldness-

1.Myth 1 - I will not get baldness if my father is not bald

Fact 1 - Baldness can be inherited from both paternal and paternal side. If your father still has a head full of hair, observe your maternal uncles or grandfather. One of them may have signs of balding. Also, baldness has a polygenic inheritance, that means that it need not be strictly genetic. Hence you can still develop male or female pattern hair loss if your family members have good hair.

2. Myth 2 - Wearing helmets causes baldness

Fact 2 -Wearing helmets does not cause baldness. There is no scientific proof for the same. When a person is suffering from hair fall, you may notice the fallen hairs in your helmet as it fits your head snugly. However, it is not a cause of hair fall.

3. Myth 3 - Shaving the hairs will increase hair density

Fact 3 - Shaving the head will not increase hair density nor will it cure baldness. As a hair loss specialist in Kochi, i hear this very often. People visit religious places and also salons to shave their heads hoping it will grow back better. But shaving cannot increase the number of hair follicles nor can it alter their properties. Hair will grow back the same way as before.

4. Myth 4 - Mental stress is the main reason for hair loss

Fact 4 - This is another common misconception that I hear as a dermatologist in Kochi. Stress is one of the causes that can worse hair fall but is not the main reason behind baldness. Patterned hair fall is the result of an interplay between genetics and hormones in an individual.

Hope this post clears a lot of misconceptions regarding baldness.

Hair loss treatments are very effective and safe. If you are looking for the best dermatologist or trichologist in Kochi, do consult us. We will assess the type of hair fall and suggest appropriate hair fall treatments.

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