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Threadlift procedure for sagging skin?

threadlift for sagging skin
threadlift for sagging skin

As a dermatologist practicing in Kochi for the last 12 years- I see a paradigm shift in the number of patients approaching us for anti-ageing solutions. Gone are the days where ageing gracefully was considered the norm. It is the age where youthful looks have become a necessity even for commoners, and not celebrities alone.

There are significant changes that happen in every layer of our skin as our age advances.

Epidermis ( outer layer of the skin) - loses hydration with subsequent fine line

Dermis - Collagen and elastin content decreases with subsequent sagging and loss of volume which is seen as hollowing of cheeks, jowls and sunken eyes.

Fat - The fat pads come downwards due to lack of supportive tissue with subsequent sagiing and under eye bags

Bone- undergoes resorption with subsequent hollwing of cheeks

What is the end result of all these changes?

A face with fine lines, sunken eyes, hollowed cheeks and jowls. There are people who have good fat pads and thus less hollowness of cheeks. However, due to the downward movement of fat pads, jowls look very prominent.

Threadlift is becoming a popular procedure in Kochi to treat sagging skin, jowls and to give a more contoured face.

Threadlift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure , where dissolvable threads are strategically placed beneath the skin to lift, tighten and provide a subtle yet noticeable improvement. The threads stimulate collagen production, promoting a natural looking rejuvenation.

This minimally invasive procedure of threadlift is gaining popularity in Kochi due to its effectiveness in addressing sagging skin and jowls, without the need to go for extensive surgery, offering individuals a refreshed and lifted appearance in minimal downtime.

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