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All you need to know about Botox treatment

If you are under the impression that Botox treatment is only for celebrities, well, you are wrong. Botox is increasingly becoming a popular procedure even among common people. With Kochi becoming more cosmopolitan and fashion savvy, men and women are becoming more aware of Botox treatment in Kochi.

There are a lot of doubts and myths associated with Botox injections, which I hope to clarify in this article.

Is Botox a poison

Botox is a purified protein derived from a bacterium. Botox treatment is absolutely safe when given by a qualified dermatologist. At Twacha Skin and hair clinic, Kochi, we dermatologists have undergone specialised training to inject Botox in a safe manner.

Does Botox paralyse the muscles

Botox treatment only relaxes the muscles for a temporary period of 4-6 months. If it had to paralyse the muscles, then the effect would never have worn off! The effect of Botox treatment is not permanent and lasts for 4-6 months.

Should Botox injections be taken only after you cross 50?

Botox injections can be taken by anyone who does not want wrinkles. Ageing process starts becoming visible when a person crosses 25-30 years of age. Wrinkles like forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines appear earlier if we use these muscles often. This makes a younger person look older than his/ her age. And this is where the magic of Botox helps!

As a cosmetic dermatologist in Kochi, I have used Botox in a male as young as 28 years of age for his prominent forehead and frown lines.

Once I take Botox treatment, should I continue repeating them?

The effect of Botox lasts for 4- 6 months. Once the effect wears off, it is up to you to decide if you want to undergo the treatment again or not. The positive effects of Botox in eliminating wrinkles, making you look younger and in boosting your confidence is so profound that you may want to take the treatment again!

Is Botox treatment very expensive?

Let us break this down. A Botox treatment In Kochi by a qualified dermatologist costs between INR 18000 to 22000 depending on the number of units used, with the effect lasting for 6 months. Hence on an average, you are spending INR 3000 per month! Facials, a popular salon procedure that both men and women indulge in, costs a minimum of INR 2000 per month. It does not seem very expensive to spend an extra INR 1000 for a procedure like Botox that visibly and dramatically removes wrinkles. Facials can only relax you and give you a temporary glow.

Are Botox injections very painful?

Botox injections are given after anaesthetising the skin using a local anaesthetic cream. Hence you will not feel the prick. Even without the anaesthesia, the prick just feels like an ant bite.

Will Botox treatment make my face look artificial and “frozen”?

This is a common myth that makes many people decide against the treatment. Kochi, being a more conservative place compared to other metros, people are still opening up to the idea of anti-ageing injectables like Botox and fillers. They worry that others may realise that they have undergone a minor procedure.

Keeping this in view, as dermatologists, we respect the patient’s sentiments and administer only a few units in the first visit and administer extra units after 2 weeks if the patient wants further improvement. This is a technique to make sure that Botox treatment does not make your face look frozen and thus helps retain your expressions.

It is a personal decision to age gracefully or not. But if you do prefer to say goodbye to wrinkles, to look and feel younger, do not let these myths about Botox stop you from doing so.

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