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Are you scared to take Botox- Botox Treatment in Kochi

With the advent of newer modalities in anti- ageing, looking and feeling young has become the norm of the day.

As a cosmetic dermatologist practicing in Kochi, I see a lot of women and men in their 30's to 60 's who desire to try out procedures to look young. But a common factor I have observed when I suggest Botulinum injections popularly called as Botox(R) is - fear of Botox! Why are people afraid of Botulinum injections? It is mainly because of the myths surrounding it . Let me debunk a few myths surrounding Botox so that you can go ahead and look younger without any fear or any inhibitions.

Myth No 1

Botox injections will make me look artificial

Since i am a practicing dermatologist in Kochi, the most common concern people have when it comes to Botox is whether they will look artificial and whether it will freeze their expressions.

Fact No 1

Botulinum injections are tailored to the needs of each individual. We adjust the number of units injected into the muscles to give a natural , yet wrinkle free appearance.

Myth No 2

Botox injections are poisonous

This is another common fear that I see in my patients. The term Botulinum "toxin" creates a sense of apprehension.

Fact No 2

Botulinum " toxin" is not a poison but a purified protein from a bacterium. It has the property of relaxing the facial muscles temporarily and not damage it as people fear it to be.

Myth No 3

Botox is painful

Are you refusing Botox treatment because of the fear of injections? As a dermatologist practicing in Kochi, this is another common fear I see among my patients. Though they are extremely keen on looking young , the word " injection" scares them away from Botox!

Fact No 3

Botox injections can be made absolutely painless by applying a numbing cream on the injection sites before administering the injections. So if you are postponing Botox treatment because you are scared of needle pricks, this should reassure you!

I hope this article clears the 3 common myths surrounding Botox or Botulinum injections. If you are in Kochi or Kerala, you can definitely head to our clinic for a safe, pain-free and best Botox experience.

We constantly strive to be the best skin clinic and the best dermatologists in Kochi by incorporating safe and effective clinic practices, focusing on patient education and updating ourselves with the latest technologies.

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