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FAQ's on Hair Care

Which is the best shampoo?

Almost all the commercially available shampoos have the same cleansing base. Use a shampoo to suit your hair and scalp type (dry/ oily/ normal).

How often should I wash my hair?

The frequency of shampooing depends on your scalp type.

• Dry scalp - once/ twice a week

• Oily scalp - Daily / alternate days

• Normal - twice / week

Should I always use a conditioner?

A hair conditioner smoothens the cuticles, makes hair more manageable and less breakable. It is advisable to use a conditioner for the above purposes , especially if your hair is dry. But remember to apply it on the hair shaft and not on the scalp.

Should I oil my hair daily?

Indians love oiling their hair. Oil acts only as a conditioner making hair more manageable, making it less brittle and less breakable. Massaging the scalp and hair with warm oil 1- 2 hours prior to bath is generally advisable. It is not advisable to leave the oil overnight so that it does not attract dirt and worsen dandruff.

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