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How to get rid of acne?

Acne or pimples is a very common skin problem affecting both men and women. While acne was considered a teenage problem in the past, adult acne, affecting adults over the age of 25 is becoming quite common these days.

As a dermatologist practicing in Kochi, 3- 4 out of 10 patients I see in my day-to-day practice have problems related to acne. The heat and humidity in a tropical place like Kochi can easily worsen pimples.

The common question that most of my patients ask is – How can I get rid of my acne/ pimples?

While it is not possible to completely get rid of acne, here are a few tips that you can incorporate in your daily skin care that would help you to keep acne under control and to prevent pimples from coming back.

Tip No 1

Consult a dermatologist for the appropriate treatment

There are hundreds of online stores offering a wide range of anti-acne preparations that claim to work very well. But, it is always advisable that you consult a dermatologist who will assess the type of acne, severity of acne, your overall skin type and then prescribe medications, either oral and/ or topical taking all these factors into consideration. Self-medications can never substitute a professional’s assessment. Only a dermatologist can assess what your skin needs best.

Tip No 2

Continue anti- acne medications even after your skin has completely cleared

Yes! It may sound strange, but it is very important that you continue anti-ace preparations like adapalene/ benzoyl peroxide for at least 6 months even after your acne has completely cleared to prevent acne from coming back. This is one of the best ways to get rid of acne and to minimize the number of breakouts.

Tip No 3

Check your diet

Continue to cut down on direct sugars and milk products even after your skin is free from acne. This will help to sustain the results. Pimple treatment should go hand in hand with the right diet and lifestyle.

Tip No 4

Continue anti- acne peels

Salicylic acid based peels done once every 6-8 weeks helps to prevent blackheads, whiteheads and helps in controlling oiliness. You can understand more about chemical peels here.

Tip No 5

Use salicylic acid face pads once a day

Acne treatment in Kochi can be more challenging as it is hot and humid throughout the year.

As a dermatologist in Kochi, one of the best solutions I have found for combatting oily skin is the use of salicylic / glycolic acid containing face wipes. This helps to absorb excess oil and prevents blackheads and whiteheads. It also gives a refreshing feel in a hot place like Kerala.

These 5 tips can help in minimizing acne breakouts and hence help in minimizing pimple marks and scars. One or two breakouts cannot be fully stopped, but yet, with a good skin care routine and healthy lifestyle, we can definitely hope to say acne goodbye.


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