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Medifacials & Hydrafacial in Kochi

Who does not love a relaxing facial? To feel pampered and rejuvenated is a welcome break from the day to day routine. But did you know that a regular facial at your salon may not do more than just making you feel refreshed? There may be a temporary glow, but the salon facials do not deliver active ingredients into your skin.

Medifacials like Hydrafacial are thus becoming a more effective way to relax, rejuvenate AND most importantly deliver active ingredients deep into your skin.

How do medifacials differ from a regular salon facial? Here are a few differences that will make you understand why a medifacial is better.

1. Medifacials are done at a skin clinic / dermatologist's clinic

Here, the dermatologist assesses your skin type/ skin issues and recommends the exact type of actives/ ingredients and the type of products that should be used during the medifacial.

At salons, though they have different types of facials for different skin types, a thorough understanding of your skin problems is often lacking.

For eg; As a dermatologist practicing in Kochi, I see a lot of patients who have an acne prone- skin getting salon based facials. They use creams for massaging the skin that clogs the pores and in turn the patient ends up with a flare of their acne.

In such patients, as dermatologist who does medifacials and hydrafacial in Kochi, I would skip the massage, choose gel based products and use specific actives for infusion that helps heal acne.

2. Medifacials use medical grade actives

The ingredients that can penetrate skin have to posses a very small molecular weight. During medifacials, this is given prime importance and the products are designed to penetrate through the skin barrier, Hence, the skin is actually undergoing " treatment" while you relax.

At salons, the cosmetics have a large molecular weight and cannot pass through the skin barrier. Hence the skin glow is temporary and there are no long term benefits.

3. Medifacials use medical grade equipments

Medifacials use equipments designed for in-clinic procedures. They are powerful than salon based machines and hence perform better. More importantly, at Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic, Kochi, the equipments used for a medifacial and Hydrafacial are sterilised in an autoclave/ other modalities.

4. Medifacials are customised

As a dermatologist in Kochi, i sometimes combine mild peels during a medifacial depending on the patient's skin problem. It gives extra and long lasting benefits to the skin,

I also use procedures like microneedling that can only be done by a qualified dermatologist. (board certified MD/ DNB degree in India)

These procedures definitely add on to the benefits of a medifacial.

What are the benefits of medifacials / Hydrafacial?

  1. Intense hydration

  2. Fading away of dark spots

  3. Skin tightening

  4. Dark circle reduction

  5. Skin glow

As a dermatologist in Kochi, I recommend Hydrafacial especially for those with -

* Acne- prone skin

* Sensitive skin

* Rosacea prone skin

Hope this article gives us a better understanding for what to choose for your skin!

For more information, please call Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic Kochi on 9656376939.

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