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5 common sunscreen mistakes you could be making!

Ever wondered why you are tanning in spite of your dermatologist prescribing you a good sunscreen?

Here are 5 common sunscreen mistakes you could be making!

1.    You don’t reapply the sunscreen- The effect of a sunscreen lasts for 3- 4 hours. Reapplication is thus very important. This is more so if you are into water sports.

2.    You don’t apply sunscreen if it is raining- UV rays of the sun can reach the ground even through the clouds. So do not skip your sunscreen if it is cloudy or if it is raining.

3.    You don’t apply sunscreen in winters- Sunscreen is a must even in winters as the skin damaging UV rays are still present.  Heat is determined by infrared rays and so do not skip the sunscreen if the weather is cold or if you are in a hill station.

4.    You don’t apply a sunscreen if you are in an AC car - Only the windshield of a car that is laminated, gives protection from UV rays. The side and rear windows that are clear or tinted offer absolutely no protection. Even tinted windows can allow 15 –20% of UV rays.

5.    You don’t apply the right amount of sunscreen – You can follow the “teaspoon rule” to apply the right amount of sunscreen. 3 ml (slightly more than ½ a teaspoon) is required for the face+neck areas and each arm. 6 ml (slightly more than 1 teaspoon) is required for each leg for optimum sun protection.

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