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5 foods that can worsen acne

Suffering from acne? Whether it is mild or severe acne, I am sure you will get tons of advice as to what to eat and what not to eat.

There are lots of myths surrounding diet and acne. On the contrary, there are very few scientific studies studying the relationship between diet and acne.

The available studies clearly suggest a relationship between food with HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX and also DAIRY PRODUCTS with worsening of acne.

So what is meant by high glycemic index? These refer to foods in which the carbohydrates break down rapidly after digestion and cause an abrupt rise in the blood sugar levels.

The abrupt rise in blood sugar levels can trigger release of various substances like Insulin- like growth factors that can worsen the factors in the causation of acne.

The 5 foods which you would want to avoid to get a clear blemish free face-

1. Dairy products - Dairy products, notably skim milk and ice creams have also been shown to worsen acne. Milk contains steroids and hormones that are used in cows and this could worsen acne.

2. Potatoes – say NO to French fries!

3. White bread- and similar items like Pretzels, doughnuts and cheerios

4. White rice- switch to healthier brown rice packed with vitamins too

5. Ice creams - Bad news for ice cream lovers- Eating ice cream more than once a week increased the risk of having acne by 4 times compared to those who did not take ice cream!

So if you are a milk lover, switch to yoghurt! As yoghurt, in fact has shown to be beneficial in acne, thanks to the pro-biotics. FroYo anybody??

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