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Skin care during rainy season

Rainy season is here bringing a welcoming relief from the scorching heat!

Though most of us are staying indoors sue to the pandemic, rainy season in our city of Kochi in Kerala is associated with an increase in humidity bringing with it a spate of skin and hair problems.

I will discuss a few skin issues during rainy season and their solutions here -

1. Fungal infections -

Fungal infections or ringworm are more common during the rainy season. They appear as itchy, round rashes and are common in areas like thighs, breast folds and trunk. Getting wet in the rain, increase in humidity levels and using damp clothes are some of the reasons why fungal infections are common during monsoons.

Solution - Keep your skin dry at all times.

- Do not wear damp clothes. Dry the clothes completely in sunlight. If they are damp

due to lack of sunlight, iron the clothes, especially undergarments before wearing them.

- Wear loose fitting clothes.

- Do not self medicate and consult a dermatologist for an anti-fungal cream/ tablets.

2. Intertrigo -

This refers to the skin irritation and maceration that occurs in the skin folds like groin folds, underarms and the toe webs. Wearing shoes for long duration, sweating and excess moisture build up are the reasons for intertrigo.

Solution - Keep the areas dry.

- Make sure the shoes are completely dry before wearing them.

- If possible, wear open sandals to avoid moisture build up between the toes.

- Use a dusting powder inside the shoes to absorb excess sweat in between the toes.

3. Blister Beetle Dermatitis -

Blister beetle dermatitis or Peadrous dermatitis is a skin condition that occurs as a reaction to blister beetle or acid fly. It is very common in Kerala and has been on an increase since the rains have arrived. At my clinic, Twacha Skin and Hair Clinic, Kakkand, Kochi, we have been seeing blister beetle dermatitis almost everyday since the last 2 months.

Blister beetle dermatitis occurs due to the contact of skin with cantharidin, an acid-like substance present in the beetle. When the small insect gets crushed on the skin, the acid comes in contact with the skin causing a burn- like reaction. It appears as painful and burning brownish, water filled blisters surrounded by severe redness, usually on exposed parts of the body where the insect can easily crawl.

Solution - Do not crush the blister beetle if you suspect it to be crawling on your body.

- Gently blow it away or try to get if off the skin using a paper.

- Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water immediately.

- Keep your windows closed in the evenings during rainy seasons to prevent these from

entering the house.

4. Acne or pimples -

Acne can worsen in rainy season due to increase in the atmospheric humidity levels.

To add to this, wearing face masks for a long duration due to the pandemic can also worsen acne. This is termed as "Maskne" and occurs due to a combination of occlusion and sweat. Humidity can increase skin hydration worsening acne during monsoons.

Solution - Use a salicylic acid based cleanser to wash your face 2- 3 times a day.

- Use kaolin / clay based masks to absorb excess sebum once a week.

- Visit your dermatologist for chemical peels that help to unclog pores from excess

from excess sebum and keratin.

5. Frizzy hair -

High humidity levels can make your hair frizzy and misbehave!

Solution - Apply warm oil like coconut oil before shampooing to condition your hair.

- Use a mild shampoo with is free

from SLES

- Use a hair mask once a week to

tame frizz

- Avoid excessive heat treatments

like blow drying, curling irons

and straightening that can worsen


Hope this article helps you to find the right solutions to your skin and hair problems during the rainy season.

Enjoy the rains!


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